Kerala's Economic Data

  Table 1- Poverty Line in Kerala and All India

  Table 2 - Data on Fiscal Situation of Kerala (Table 2.1 - 2.22)

  Table 3 - Population Statistics of Kerala (Table 3.1 - 3.11)

  Table 4 - Houses and Household Amenities in Kerala (2011 Census) (Table 4.1 - 4.10)

  Table 5 - Gross State Domestic Product of Kerala : Growth and Composition (Table 5.1 - 5.8)

  Table 6 - Agricultural Statistics of Kerala (Table 6.1 - 6.21)

  Table 7 - Fifty Years of Kerala’ Economy (1956-2006) (Tables 1-100)

  Table 8 - Performance of Public Enterprises in Kerala (Table 8.1 - 8.17)

  Table 9 - Chit Funds, Public Sector Chit Funds and Money Lenders in Kerala (Table 9.1 - 9.14)

  Table 10 - Socio-Economic Profiles of Kerala: Interstate Comparison (Table 10.1 - 10.7)

  Table 11 - Stock and Flows of Indian/Keralite Migrants to West Asia (Table 11.1 - 11.8)

  Table 12 - Migration of Keralites to West Asian Countries (Gulf) (Table 12.1 - 12.11)

  Table 13 - Schedule Tribes: Population, Socio-Economic Conditions and Development Expenditure (Table 13.1 - 13.9)

  Table 14 - Schedule Castes: Population, Socio-Economic Conditions and Development Expenditure (Table 14.1 - 14.11)

  Tables on staff, pensioners, salary and pension increase, change in pay scales in Kerala (9 tables)

  COVID-19 Cases and Deaths: World, India and Kerala

  Estimate of GDP of India and GSVA of Kerala

  Population in Kerala: District wise, Rural and Urban

  Employment, unemployment and wages in Kerala

  Keralite emigration and remittances

  Migrant workers from other states

  Poverty ratio and BPL ration cards social security pension

  State finances

  Employment in organized public and private sectors, work seekers

  Land use pattern, production of crops, price of natural rubber and agricultural credit

  Fish production, fisher folk population and fishing harbours

  Industries, joint stock companies, PSUs, industrial parks, MSMEs, mini and major industrial estates, coir-cooperatives, cashew workers

  Foreign tourists, domestic tourist arrivals and accommodation units

  Schools, higher secondary schools, enrollment of students, teachers, arts and science college, university departments and engineering colleges

  Public medical institutions

  Transport, road, bridges, registered motor vehicles, road accidents

  Power generation and consumption, telephone network of BSNL, water supply schemes and connections

  LSG wise expenditure of plan funds for 2019-20